Layering — is it really a useful approach in Business/IT/Enterprise Architecture?

Is layering — e.g. the classic BDAT (Business, data, Application, Technology) stack — really useful in Enterprise Architecture? An analysis with some side nodes about ArchiMate. Warning: may contain traces of analytic EA geekery.

Traduction des fiches Mastering ArchiMate

Je publie aujourd’hui une traduction française de mes fiches (PDF) de présentation ArchiMate, un guide visuel et concis de la grammaire ArchiMate. La première page contient le métamodèle du Cœur du framework ArchiMate. Il est représenté dans le jeu de…

Scanning for vulnerabilities — using an #ArchiMate diagram about scanning for log4j

A short story about the log4shell vulnerability in log4j that hit the computing world last December with an explanation of the problem and why scanning for it was so hard. With an ArchiMate diagram to illustrate.

Mastering ArchiMate 3.1 is now available

Hurrah! Mastering ArchiMate 3.1 is now live. You can read about it on the book's home page. And you can buy it there. All customers who bought the previous edition on or after 5 Nov 2019 (the date version 3.1…