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ArchiMate Quiz Solution: A Common Cause

June 22, I posted another ArchiMate quiz question: ArchiMate Quiz: A Common Cause. It's been a while, but here is the discussion of the 'solution'. The quiz started with the following two ArchiMate snippets (in Mastering ArchiMate colours, where ‘deep’ is…

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An AchiMate 3 Map (Layers? What Layers! — 1)

ArchiMate 3 is setup with 5-6 layers (Strategy, Business, Application, Technology/Physical, Implementation) and 4 aspects: (Passive and Active) Structure, Behaviour and Motivation. Quoting the standard: This looks daunting until you realise that not everything that is called a 'layer' is…

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Is ArchiMate® an Open Standard? Not really.

ArchiMate, the enterprise architecture modelling language, is a standard from The Open Group (TOG). Most people infer from this that ArchiMate is an open standard (I did once) and often assume The Open Group is some sort of a not-for-profit…