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Reusable Infrastructure Modelling Patterns (2)

In the previous post, Reusable Infrastructure Modelling Patterns, I discussed the creation of reusable patterns to more effectively model large homogenous parts of the infrastructure landscape, or in other words: if you have 1000 identical RHEL servers, modelling the structure of…

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Reusable Infrastructure Modelling Patterns

A while back, I wrote the post Modelling Homogenous Landscapes in #ArchiMate (Classes and Instances), which was a first post on modelling detailed infrastructure landscapes. Assuming you're with me that a modelling language is very useful for large complex situations, but doesn't…

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High-res versions of the pictures in the book available

There are not many images in the Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture book. But the type of paper and the size of the book make some of them only borderline readable. Some people have reported trouble reading them, especially…