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This site is by R&A/Gerben Wierda and about Enterprise Architecture, IT and IT Strategy, and about Enterprise Architecture Modelling (mainly with ArchiMate®, the visual enterprise architecture language). It accompanies the books Mastering ArchiMate (now in its fourth edition) and Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture. Look for the books on Amazon for the reviews. He is honoured that his EA book lives on Grady Booch’s bookshelf).

award-cropped.jpgHe has also presented and written about the impact of the Information Revolution on society, e.g. here.

He was, amongst other things, Head of the Digital Technology department at the Netherlands Forensics Institute, Lead Architect of the Judiciary in The Netherlands, Lead Architect of APG Asset Management, and is currently Lead Architect at APG. APG manages (end of 2020) €573 billion in pension assets for approximately 5 million participants in various collective pension schemes.

The musings here are a personal opinion and are not connected to any institution, other than that experiences and developments there may end up becoming inspiration for the musings here, though never explicitly referring to the organisation. He writes ‘from the trenches of architecture in real (complex) enterprises’, his job is to be an actual day-to-day enterprise architect in the complex realities of a large enterprise. He also writes based on what his network tells him. And generally, he likes to expose nonsense, waffle, silver bullets, and the like, on this site and on others (e.g. InfoWorld, Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal, LinkedIn). Above all, the publications are meant to be entertaining for professionals and other interested people.

His YouTube channel with a few conference keynotes/presentations can be found here.

Gerben holds an M.Sc in Physics from the University of Groningen and an MBA from RSM Erasmus, Rotterdam. See also Gerben Wierda (LinkedIn).

You can contact Gerben as info@rna.nl.

If you want to stay up to date about his exploits, follow the Twitter account @RnA_EA.

ArchiMate® is a Registered Trademark of The Open Group.

Almost all diagrams in the Mastering ArchiMate book and on this blog (and in other blogs where ArchiMate diagrams are used) have been created with (originally) BiZZdesign Architect and its successor BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio. This blog or its author is not affiliated with BiZZdesign.

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