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Logo-RnA-100dpi.jpgR&A is the vehicle for Gerben Wierda’s ‘extracurricular activities’ (what he does next to his day job and family life — or what’s left of that). Mostly writing and sometimes a bit of training or consultancy. R&A is also the publisher of Mastering ArchiMate and Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture.

This site combines the previous separate content of masteringarchimate.com and enterprisechess.com.

Recent Posts

Perspectives on the Information Revolution

What is the information revolution doing to us humans? A very condensed journey from essences of digital technology and human intelligence to the role of talk, trust and the impact of IT on society.

Key posts on IT

(What I consider to be) my key articles on (governance and fundamentals of) IT and EA in general. Easily accessible from here.

How well does your top management understand IT?

I am proposing a way to ‘measure’ the ‘understanding’ the top of an organisation has — how capable it is of making informed strategic decisions — on a subject, e.g. legal, finance, or what is my particular interest: IT.

Modelling Networking in ArchiMate 3.1

ArchiMate has elements for networking. They’re hardly used by anyone and they have some massive drawbacks. There is an alternative. You can model networking without them.

Chatbots: een plaag voor de mensheid

Chatbots. Ze zijn overal tegenwoordig. En ze zijn vaak frustrerend slecht, niet meer dan een te nemen horde op weg naar een mens. Waarom zijn ze zo slecht? Misschien omdat de kern techniek van 30 jaar geleden is?

Chatbots: a scourge of humankind

Chatbots. They’re everywhere these days. They’re also frustratingly poor, often just a hurdle to take to get to a human agent. Why are they so poor? Maybe because the core is technology from 30 years ago?

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