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1 comment on “Prioritising Architecture and Debt with “Dado’s Diagram””

Prioritising Architecture and Debt with “Dado’s Diagram”

The previous blog post introduced a way to use WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) in Architecture prioritisation settings. That approach does have something missing which my colleague Henk Dado's approach to prioritising the fixing of debt has: a way to…

7 comments on “Agile teaches us the true meaning of Architecture”

Agile teaches us the true meaning of Architecture

What is architecture? Not of cities or buildings, but the organisational version: enterprise architecture, solution architecture, application architecture, software architecture, business architecture, infrastructure architecture? My neck hairs generally rise a little when we architects turn to this particularly vexing and…

1 comment on “Architecture principles considered harmful”

Architecture principles considered harmful

Architecture principles are a very popular tool in the enterprise architect's tool box. The underlying concept of 'comply or explain', however, makes them particularly toxic. [This article originally appeared on InfoWorld in 2015. It has been reproduced here to have…