2 comments on “#ArchiMate #OmniGraffle Stencils GW-Style”

#ArchiMate #OmniGraffle Stencils GW-Style

As my drawing tool for free model-drawing is OmniGraffle on the Mac (which, I might add is an extremely good and intelligent free model-drawing program). There are ArchiMate 2.0 stencils (to be found on GraffleTopia) but they have the layered-color…

4 comments on “Mapping #BPMN and #ArchiMate, first thoughts”

Mapping #BPMN and #ArchiMate, first thoughts

ArchiMate is an open standard for modeling Enterprise Architecture. It can be used in many ways. One of these is a good Current State Architecture description: your current landscape of business and IT, coherently modeled with enough detail to be…