You’re invited (by The Open Group) to contribute to the next minor #ArchiMate release

The Open Group (owner of the ArchiMate Standard) is going to work on a next release, slated for 2022. In a change with respect to the previous updates, The Open Group invites any non-member to participate via the ArchiMate User Community they have set up. TOG will host a webinar detailing how you can join the effort.

The webinar (via Webex) is on Thursday, February 18, 2021 4:00 pm Europe Time (Amsterdam, GMT+01:00). Which is tomorrow at the time I am writing this.

More information about the webinar via this link. And the ArchiMate Community has a special page about the feedback & ideas activities here.

And in case you are wondering, what about the current 3.1 standard? Mastering ArchiMate is still on version 3.0.1? Well, let’s (as a first) tell you here. I’ve been ‘working’ on an update since last year. But while the change from ArchiMate 3.0.1 to ArchiMate 3.1 is rather minor, a book update is a lot of work. Content wise, I have to check everything that was written if not a reasoning (or even a side remark here or there) is now no longer true. This is the price I have to pay for a book with >300 detailed diagrams and accompanying text. And then there are the extensive layout issues that are required as soon as the text changes. Every ‘See View X’ may have to change to ‘See View X on page Y’ (all ha[nr]d work). But I am happy to say that this work is now going to its final phase. To illustrate:

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