11 years, 11 months, 11 days

Today, it has been 11 years, 11 months, and 11 days since the first post on. this blog. The blog was called masteringarchimate.com and the first years the modelling language ArchiMate was the subject. In 2012 I had so much material yet to publish that I decided I had enough for a book: Mastering ArchiMate, now in its fourth edition (ArchiMate 3.1 compatible). In 2015 the blog was joined by enterprisechess.com, the blog accompanying my ‘trade’ book Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture on managing complex Business-IT landscapes.

Both blogs were consolidated into this blog around 2018. And of course I forgot to remove the ‘Search engine, please do not index’ when I was ready, which actually lost me most of my readership (which has been slowly recovering ever since I found that out a year later and corrected it).

To celebrate, I am today presenting my ArchiMate 3.2 compatible (here and there a bit opinionated) ‘ArchiMate Cheat Sheets’ in PDF. A preliminary, English only version. More to come later…

The main change from ArchiMate 3.1 to ArchiMate 3.2 has been that Node is no longer a parent ‘class’ of several other Technology elements, such as Device and System Software. This leads to the following adaptation:

Which leads to the following small extra explanatory text:

You can download the sheets below. Both in the Mastering ArchiMate colours and in the ‘simple layered’ colours.



  1. Dear Gerben, congratulations to your contributions to archimate and enterprise architecture for the past 11,11,11 years 👏


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