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12 comments on “Business Process versus Business Function”

Business Process versus Business Function

A rather tricky part of ArchiMate is the difference between Business Process and Business Function. Both stand for behaviour at the Business Level. Both generally encapsulate in the end the same activities. Choosing between a Business Function and a Business…

3 comments on “On ArchiMate’s divide between behaviour and structure”

On ArchiMate’s divide between behaviour and structure

Archimate is divided into structure and behaviour. Active structure objects (like Business Roles and Application Components) perform behaviour (like Business Processes/Functions and Application Functions) and these behaviours act on passive structure (like Business Objects and Data Objects. This division is…

17 comments on “Modelling IT in Your Organization, a Broader Perspective”

Modelling IT in Your Organization, a Broader Perspective

As Enterprise Architects, we model the use of IT in an organization and ArchiMate is a decent language for  that. ArchiMate, with its business layer, application layer and technical layer helps us to model the different aspects of that use.…