Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture now available as iBook

Get_it_on_iBooks_Badge_US_1114Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture is also available as an iBook. The price depends on where you are, as iBooks prices are inclusive of tax. However, the book has been priced at roughly two thirds of the paperback version. So, $14.99 (instead of $24.99) in the US and €14.99–€16.99 (depending on VAT) in Europe (Euro). Click the image for the iTunes Preview page.

Given Amazon’s Kindle pricing (they take 65%(!) of every book over $9.99 —and in many countries also for books below $9.99 — plus a download fee), there will not be a Kindle version. High volume, low pricing is fine for the likes of Dan Brown, but not for a professional low-volume book like this. Sorry.

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