ArchiMate 3.0.1

The Open Group has just released its ‘Technical Corrigendum No. 1’ (TC1) for ArchiMate 3.0 from June 2016. TC1. It is a substantial improvement over 3.0 even if it is just a minor version upgrade. Part of the change is that they finally have put the logic in the text that is used to calculate the table of ‘allowed relations’ from the direct relations mentioned in the definitions. Given that that table in 3.0 was (and is) — according to TOG — the final arbiter on allowed relations, and given that there were thousands of errors in it (as I reported last February), the 3.0 standard was technically unusable. As it is now and after a quick review, I’m quite happy with the result.

My freely downloadable metamodel PDF has been updated.

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