Mastering ArchiMate 3.1 Free Excerpt is available

The free excerpt is the first part of the fourth edition to be released and it is compatible with ArchiMate 3.1. As before, it contains a full step-by-step introduction to the language. You really do not need anything else to get started. (Well, a tool. Modelling with pen and paper is a bit unwieldy, but I’ve seen it done).

I encourage you to inform me of any error you see. There will be some, there is juist too much there not to make errors.

Please go to the home page of the new edition of Mastering ArchiMate for details and a link to the free purchase.

Note: see here for the upgrade policy of the full PDF. If and when it is released, it will be a free upgrade for anyone who bought Edition III.TC1 (based on ArchiMate 3.0.1) on or after Nov 5, 2019. Be patient, I have to do a bit of work before I can do that.


  1. Hi, any plan for a discounted price for the pdf version for customers who bought already the previous electronic versions of the book?

    Thank you in advance


    1. Absolutely. Everybody who bought the PDF on or after Nov 5, 2019 will get a free upgrade. Everybody who bought the previous Edition III.TC1 as a PDF (including those that bought a free or discounted upgrade from the Edition II PDF) will be offered a steeply discounted upgrade. How steeply, I haven’t definitely decided yet.


      1. Great. I bought the previous version on Jan 2019,so I wait for the discounted price. Thank you. Best wishes for the new version of the book


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