ArchiMate 3.1 released, Mastering ArchiMate upgrade policy

On Nov 5 2019, The Open Group released ArchiMate® 3.1. For those who do not know ArchiMate, it is an enterprise architecture modelling language about which I have written a modelling book: Mastering ArchiMate (now in its third edition which is compatible with ArchiMate 3.0.1).

In a practical sense, ArchiMate 3.1 can be considered a minor update to ArchiMate 3.0.1. I expect at some time in the future to update my materials. As has been the case in previous standard updates, I will offer a free upgrade to anyone buying the Mastering ArchiMate PDF after Nov 5 2019 (note: this offer does not hold for the paper book, which is mostly not sold by me but by the likes of Amazon).

Depending on the amount of work required (I do not know yet, I have yet to study the updated standard), I will either extend that offer to all Edition III.TC1 owners, or charge an update fee. I also do not have a plan for the release of the Edition III.1 version yet, it may take a while.

What I probably will do is blog about ArchiMate 3.1 on this site. Watch this space.


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