Master or Servant? Are We Humans Still ‘Top Dogs’ in This Brave New World of Massive IT?

I will be speaking at the upcoming free (you only need to register) 24-hour follow-the-sun IASA virtual BILT (Businesss Innovation Leadership and Technology) conference starting on November 19th.  The theme of this event is Architecting for Global Good: The Role of Business and Technology.

The presenters include for instance Steven Levy, prize-winning journalist and author of Facebook, the inside story, Gaurav Aggarwal a ‘digital transformation’ thought leader from Avanade, as well as contributors from Microsoft, IKEA, and IBM.

Title: Master or Servant? Are We Humans Still ‘Top Dogs’ in This Brave New World of Massive IT?

Abstract: IT used to be just a tool. Humans created the tool and humans used the tool. But some fundamental changes are taking place. All that IT makes change of organisations harder, not easier, for instance. And IT, by being a gatekeeper between us and reality, is starting to strongly influence what we believe, how we interact, and even what happens. Our freedom and our security are no longer purely physical things. We no longer seem to be the clear masters. We operate in a setting where our will and intentions are less and less instrumental in what happens day to day. What is going to happen with our position as apparent ‘masters of our environment’? And what should we do?

Expect an extremely condensed “everything but the kitchen sink in one hour” journey from the fundamentals of IT to the effects on organisations to the ethics of all that IT in the world today. I will be offering a few — possibly unexpected — perspectives.

My presentation will be from 21:00-22:00 Central European Time, or 15:00-16:00 US Eastern Standard Time, or 12:00-13:00 US Pacific Standard Time, 07:00-08:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Thanks, Iasa Global, for the invitation.

You can learn more and register here (free): Web Summit: Architecting for the Global Good #ArchitectingForGood #Tech4Good #TheSocialDilemma #HumaneTech #DigitalTransformation #IASA #BILT

The talk will cover some of the material that has been written here: On the Information Revolution, as well as other stories I have written that are linked in those articles (in case you want to prepare…)

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