Discounts for eligible users for Mastering #Archimate Edition III have been sent

Actually, they were sent last Friday already, but I forgot to mention it here too. Discounts for eligible users for Mastering Archimate Edition III have been sent. Note: except for a few special larger license deals.

If you paid for Mastering ArchiMate Edition II Full PDF before June 14, 2016, you should have received instructions how to get Edition III at a 50% discount. If you haven’t, contact me.

The discount period is time limited and runs to September 8.



  1. Hi – I bought a hard copy of edition 2 on 13 Jan 2015 from Amazon. I didn’t receive any email from anyone about this discount. Am I still eligible for discount?


    1. I am sorry. The discounts were only for the buyers of the PDF version. I am unable to provide a discount for the hardcover nor for the PDF based on the purchase of the hardcover. As I do not sell the hardcover (Amazon, Book Depository, etc. do), I neither have influence on the consumer price nor do I have the records on who have bought. Besides, after Ingram (production) and the likes of Amazon have taken their share, there is little room for actually providing a discount left. The only discounts I can do are direct volume sales, cutting out the middle man and producing in volume.


      1. Hi Gerben – Do you plan to introduce hard copy or only Amazon (and other retailers) sell hard copy, for edition 3. Only fear I have of the PDF copy is, what if I delete it by mistake 🙂 .


      2. Hi Pratimsc, the hardcover is now available from several retailers (among which Amazon). is already delivering. Book Depository in the UK is also shipping (free shipping world wide). So there are several options.

        Selling individual hardcovers is not cheaper than letting the book sellers do it and it is a lot of work. I do offer volume purchases of the hardcover directly.

        I did not understand your comment about the PDF. But if you ever bought it and you can tell me which email address you used, I might be able to find the records for that sale.


  2. Buenos dias, desearia obtener la Mastering ArchiMate Edition II Full PDF ya que me estoy preparando en arquitecturaempresarial ,como te puedo contactar para hacer el pago


    1. I am sorry, I do not speak Spanish. Mastering ArchiMate is in English only. You will need to be able to understand English to be able to read it. All information about the book (in English as well) can be found on the Book’s home page (also in the top menu on this site): Mastering ArchiMate — Edition III. On that page there are links for purchasing the PDF. You might want to ‘purchase’ the free excerpt of the book (first chapter with a complete explanation of the syntax) first.


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