Serious Request 2015

It’s time to do something good.

Every year, in the week before Christmas, the Dutch radio station 3FM sets up a ‘glass house’ somewhere in The Netherlands, three dj’s are locked up in it for a week without food and they air a program directed at getting funds for a good cause. This is called Serious Request.

This year, the proceeds go to help children in war zones (Syria, South of Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo, etc.) with education, etc.. These are the silent and often invisible victims of all the violence taking place. Their lives may be in danger, but their future is destroyed even if they live.

This year, the glass house is located in Heerlen, which is the city I live in. So, I thought, as this is local, can I add something to all the good stuff going on using my network? And I’ve decided to do the following.

Between now and Wednesday 23rd of December 23:59 local time, the proceeds of every sale of the PDF version of Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture will go to Serious Request 2015.

To add to the fun, at checkout, you can add extra money to your purchase by adding a coupon code:

  • 10FORSR15 will add €10 to the price
  • 20FORSR15 will add €20 to the price
  • 50FORSR15 will add €50 to the price

(This will also work for other purchases, but for all purchases of Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture in this period I will also send the proceeds to Serious Requests).

Note, I cannot do anything about the VAT added to the purchase if you are in Europe. Let’s see that as money well spent (it goes to education, health care, etc. in the country you live in…).

You can also just send a donation (no VAT etc..): click here. This is the preferred way. Any donation over €25 will receive a coupon for a free purchase of Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture.

Thursday 24th of December, I’ll bring the proceeds to the glass house.

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