The Archi #ArchiMate tool is looking for sponsors

archi-logo32Just a short note today. The Open Source Archi Tool used to be supported by a UK University. It isn’t anymore. The university has stopped its sponsoring and Archi’s developer (Phil Beauvoir) has left the university and started an initiative to keep Archi thriving (it is widely used in the world). But he also needs a living. He won’t be able to keep Archi alive unless he is paid in some way. As I have experienced with Edition I, it is difficult to get people to pay/donate for something that is (or in my case ‘looked like’) a free download). So, if you use Archi, please donate an amount that reflects the importance of Archi for your work. And if you use Archi seriously as a business, take out a sponsorship. Remember, in the end “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.

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