Thank you, paid users of Mastering #ArchiMate – Edition I

I just sent the following message to all that paid for Mastering ArchiMate – Edition I:

Dear donator to/licensee of/purchaser of Mastering ArchiMate Edition I,

Let me first thank you for donating for or buying Mastering ArchiMate Edition I and I hope you have enjoyed the book. Within the coming two weeks, Mastering ArchiMate Edition II will be released and I am mailing you not only to say ‘thank you’. I also want to tell you that I count your donation as having paid for a copy of the PDF-version of Edition II as well. You get as free an upgrade as I can make it under the new distribution setup.

I offered Edition I as an unprotected PDF download for both electronic consumption and print, but in the end only an extremely small minority (less than 1%) that used the book either donated or bought a license. Because of that, I am now offering Edition II in a different way:
  • It is sold as (beautiful) hardcover via normal book selling channels.
  • It is sold as restricted PDF (the PDF is protected against printing and changing and it is stamped with the email address you use to get the download link. It is not DRM-protected, it can be read without having to enter a password with a normal PDF reader, tested on PC, Mac, iOS)
  • A large excerpt (50%) is sold as restricted PDF at a low price
  • A small excerpt (syntax description) is offered as a free (unrestricted, printable) download
If you did buy the printed version of Mastering – ArchiMate Edition I directly from me or via Amazon UK, please contact me and I’ll arrange to get you the hardcover at production and transport cost if you prefer that over a PDF version.


Thank you again for being part of that small (but important) minority and you will be getting another message soon how to get your free upgrade.




Gerben Wierda


  1. With so many people consuming books on mobile devices these days, please consider publishing it as EPUB and MOBI. PDF looks horrible on small screens.


    1. I started out initially in 2012 with an attempt to do this for mobile, but had to give it up. Common mobile formats such as EPUB/MOBI/iBooks are still not ready for books like this, as they are just packaged web sites. Besides, PDF works OK on tablets (zoom and pan) (and computers), as Edition I has shown. Reading this, with all the large diagrams, on a phone is probably a disaster regardless of technology. Finally, and this is not a main point, but interesting nonetheless, the mobile book world is dominated by a few large players that take up to 70% of revenues for any book over $10, so it is only an attractive proposition for very large volume sales.


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