The Book is Done

Well, finally, the book is done! 132 pages A4 (cover to cover) with 176 diagrams (including a few duplicates). Next week after The Open Group Conference, Barcelona, I’ll make the files available. There will be two versions of the PDF:

  • A version for high quality printing. This PDF includes the ‘bleed’ and crop marks. It is meant to be printed on oversized paper and cut along the crop marks to get a perfect edge-to-edge A4 document.
  • A version for screen (interactive) and simple printing or reading on your screen. This is A4. On a normal printer, you will get some white margins.

Furthermore, I will distribute some extra downloadable materials, like some handout materials (e.g. 2.0 metamodel,  construction views).

Here is the cover:

Cover for the first edition of "Mastering ArchiMate"


The book will be downloadable with shareware license (suggested donation €8.99) for private use and everyone can print it themselves. Commercial licenses available on request.

If there is a lot of interest, I can provide perfectly printed and bound copies. These will cost around €50 ex packaging and distribution (and for the EU: tax), which is hideously expensive since you can print them yourselves for a lot less. I’ll number and sign copies that people want me to print 😉 (just kidding).

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