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  • Key posts on IT
    (What I consider to be) my key articles on (governance and fundamentals of) IT and EA in general. Easily accessible from here.

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  • Should you derive your IT Strategy from your Business Strategy? Probably not too much.
    It is generally accepted that IT Strategy must follow Business Strategy. It seems a no-brainer. But is it? There are reasons to look at it differently, reasons that become more pressing as organisations become more digital.
  • Does Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ mean ‘QM Computing has arrived’? Not so fast.
    Follow-up to the earlier explanatory and critical post on Quantum Computing which addresses Google’s ‘quantum supremacy’ achievement.
  • AI is a Myth, says AI-researcher and engineer Erik Larson
    Last April, the book The Myth of Artificial Intelligence was published by Harvard University Press. The author is Erik J. Larson, a computer scientist and tech entrepreneur who is active in the field, especially in natural language processing. After reading the book I decided I wanted to bring it to the attention of people, which led to me discussing some points with Erik as input for this article, and the article turned into (mostly) an interview. The book gives an interesting analysis of AI based on a framework for inference that has been created by the 19th century scientist C.S.…
  • From Dark Scrum to Broken SAFe — some real problems of Agile-at-scale
    There is a massive movement of organisations moving to agile-at-scale (e.g. SAFe). Ironically, it can turn into an organisation becoming one big ‘project’, the opposite of what agile wants to achieve.
  • Don’t become an Enterprise/IT Architect…
    With increasing IT volumes in the world, landscape change is getting harder and harder, and we need to adapt to that fact. Upper management is very slow to adapt and the Enterprise/IT Architect/Strategist’s position becomes more frustrating as a result.
  • Flexplekmaffia
    Dit verhaal gaat over een nieuwe hype over ‘Het Nieuwe Werken’. Maar we gaan eerst even ver terug in de tijd. En schijnbaar naar een volstrekt ongerelateerd onderwerp. Logisch klinkende simplistische onzin Ergens in 1999 waren ‘wij’ zwanger van onze eerste. Samen gingen wij naar de borstvoedingscursus. En aldaar hoorden wij het volgende verhaal*): In de jaren 50 en 60 van de vorige eeuw kregen vrouwen soms het volgende advies van hun (in die tijd hoofdzakelijk mannelijke) arts: “Bouw borstvoeding langzaam op. Doe de eerste dag 5 minuten per kant, de tweede dag 10 minuten en zo verder. Dan kan…
  • Is Your Consultant a Parasite?
    Good consultants do exist. But so do parasitic ones. This story is about why they happen and how to spot them.
  • Yes, 2-speed IT is real, but not like you think
    The idea of 2-speed IT has been doing the rounds for a while. It is now dying. But in a different way, it is actually a really important aspect of IT.

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