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  • Key posts on IT
    (What I consider to be) my key articles on (governance and fundamentals of) IT and EA in general. Easily accessible from here.

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  • Layering — is it really a useful approach in Business/IT/Enterprise Architecture?
    Is layering — e.g. the classic BDAT (Business, data, Application, Technology) stack — really useful in Enterprise Architecture? An analysis with some side nodes about ArchiMate. Warning: may contain traces of analytic EA geekery.
  • It is life, Jim. But not as we know it.
    Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, has claimed the LaMDA language neural net chatbot is sentient, is alive. Nonsense on stilts, according to one critic. A musing about the meaning of ‘life’. And abortion. And doubt. And the point Lemoine has but doesn’t make.
  • Let’s bury NIST’s outdated definition of Cloud Computing
    The NIST definition of Cloud Computing from 2011 has now become so much an oversimplification that it is more often than not unhelpful, e.g. when trying to base your policies on it. So, forget about ‘IAAS’ and ‘PAAS’, end your ‘cloud policies’ or cloud-specific procedures. Instead, concentrate on managing the key generic issue underlying it: the ever more complex mixes of owned and outsourced algorithms and data..
  • Will McKinsey be the first ‘big consultancy’ that gets (enterprise) architecture right?
    McKinsey seems to be the first ‘big consultancy’ that really frees itself from outdated, ineffective, orthodox enterprise architecture notions.
  • Traduction des fiches Mastering ArchiMate
    Je publie aujourd’hui une traduction française de mes fiches (PDF) de présentation ArchiMate, un guide visuel et concis de la grammaire ArchiMate. La première page contient le métamodèle du Cœur du framework ArchiMate. Il est représenté dans le jeu de couleurs Mastering ArchiMate, qui montre en même temps les différences entre les couches et les aspects (structure active, comportement, structure passive). En suivant ce lien, vous trouverez une description du métamodèle ArchiMate 1. La différence entre les deux métamodèles illustre l’évolution du langage au fil des ans. J’utilise ce jeu de couleurs car les diagrammes sont plus compréhensibles si des…
  • Dev, Test, Production — “It’s Turtles All The Way Down”
    Most IT exists to support other IT, not your business directly. A part of this is that stack/web of platforms on which your applications depend. How does that for instance affect #informationsecurity in your designs?
  • Amateurs talk Strategy, Professionals talk Logistics — that is kind of true in IT as well
    It is an old adagium of warfare: Amateurs talk Strategy, Professionals talk Logistics. Maybe surprisingly, this is true in IT as well. Maybe it is true in any complex and unpredictable situation, which ‘big IT’ is more and more turning out to be. Logistics considers Strategy a small snack.
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities — using an #ArchiMate diagram about scanning for log4j
    A short story about the log4shell vulnerability in log4j that hit the computing world last December with an explanation of the problem and why scanning for it was so hard. With an ArchiMate diagram to illustrate.

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